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Business Survey of Women  - Minority - Disadvantaged  - Businesses Enterprises 

ACEC-RI is committed to an open and inclusive business environment. The ACEC-RI Diversity Committee has been established to advance the ideals of diversity, equity and inclusion throughout Rhode Island’s engineering community.  Committee actions to advance these ideals include as legislative reviews, training and networking events for DBE/WBE/MBE firms. This Resource Page has been created to provide links for tools and documents that may be helpful.

AACEC-RI Diversity Committee Vision and Goals for 2022 and Beyond

ACEC-RI - WTS Diversity Forum Roundtable Presentation

ACEC Podcast - Spotlight on Diversity and Inclusion

Social Justice and Equity Resources for Engineers, Planners and Designers. The ACEC-RI Diversity Committee has been gathering useful resources on social justice and equity pertaining to the engineering community.

September 2020 W/MBE & DBE Survey Summary 

Rhode Island DBE/WBE/MBE Directory. If you are looking to collaborate with a Rhode Island certified DBE/WBE/MBE firm, visit the RIDOA Office of Diversity, Equity & Opportunity.

Anti-racism Resources. If you are interested in anti-racism educational resources to include books, podcasts, articles, films and organizations, here is a suggested resource page.

Calendar of Yearly Diversity Events. If your firm is interested in socializing and celebrating diversity and awareness events, here is a PDF list of suggested events for each month.

Design Professionals Coalition Diversity & Inclusion. The DPC published a summary report on challenges and successes related to incorporating diversity and inclusion for several participating firms. ACEC’s website on Inclusion & Diversity


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