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The American Council of Engineering Companies of Rhode Island (ACEC of Rhode Island) is a Member Organization of the American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC). ACEC of RI's purpose is stated in our bylaws as follows:

  • To promote the art and science of engineering; advance the interests of Consulting Engineers; improve the business conditions of Consulting Engineers; enhance the responsiveness of governmental agencies and officials with whom such Consulting Engineers deal;
  • To educate those engaged in business as Consulting Engineers on matters affecting the operation of their businesses;
  • To act as a medium for the expression of the views of its members on matters affecting those engaged in business as Consulting Engineers;
  • To accomplish fair and intelligent legislation relating to the profession of engineering and the business of Consulting Engineering;
  • To distribute to the public and to the members of the Association accurate and reliable information on matters affecting Consulting Engineers.

All actions taken by the Board of Directors are guided by the above principles.


2023 Scholarship Applications Now Open

Applications for the 2023 ACEC-RI Scholarship program are due December 15, 2023. Click here to apply.


ACEC-RI 2023 Engineering and Excellence Awards

The ACEC-RI Engineering Excellence Awards Committee will be receiving submittals for the 2023 awards program to recognize engineering achievements of our member firms that have demonstrated a higher degree of merit and ingenuity. This program will also offer your firm an opportunity to earn local and national recognition as well as showcase your talent and expertise.

The benefits for participating in this competition includes the opportunity for your firm to make a statement about its commitment to quality. Not only will your firm’s staff and clients know that you aspire to the achievement of excellence in your practice, but you are also contributing to the profession by sharing your experience in the application of state-of-the-art techniques to effectively solve a client’s problem.

Press releases will be issued for the winners and the local winners will have an opportunity to compete nationally. Recognition of all entries in the ACEC-RI competition will be displayed at ACEC-RI Annual meeting. Also, photos of entries will be displayed on the ACEC- RI web site

The requirements for eligibility are described on the attached flyer. There is a no entry fee for ACEC-RI members entering the state competition. ACEC members who go on to the national competition will pay a fee established by ACEC National.

Your entry must be submitted to ACEC-RI by May 19, 2023 via email, FTP, Dropbox, etc. Note: the panel and notebook requirements detailed in the national ACEC application are not required for ACEC-RI competition. Entries must include the following:

  • A completed ACEC-RI Entry Form. Categories are for projects with construction cost less than $10 Million and more than $10 Million.
  • A two-page written synopsis in MS Word format describing the project, your firm’s role, the role of other consultants participating in the project, your firm’s contribution to the project and how your firm’s contribution meets the judging criteria.
  • At least six pictures or graphics of the project in electronic format such as a TIFF or JPEG. (Embedded photos in Word or PDF documents are not acceptable)
  • Each participating firm must submit an endorsement/release letter or email from the owner granting permission to enter the project in the ACEC-RI Engineering Excellence Awards Competition.
  • Each participating firm must submit a Microsoft Excel file listing the key participants in the project. Key participants include owners, design team, contractors, construction
  • A firm may submit multiple entries

The winning firms will be honored at the ACEC-RI annual lunch to be held June 22, 2023.  Winning firms will also be eligible to enter the ACEC National Competition. Criteria for rating the submittals are included on the flyer attached.

If you have any questions about the competition, you may contact John Shevlin at or Jeff Lewis at


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